Preview & Prediction: Fortaleza EC vs Cruzeiro EC

The Serie A competition sees Fortaleza EC square off against Cruzeiro EC on November 18, 2023. Reflecting on their last encounter, it ended with Fortaleza winning 2 – 1. Based on historical data, these teams have faced each other thrice with Fortaleza claiming victory twice and the remaining match ending in a draw. Cruzeiro, however, have no wins. Currently, Fortaleza is showing steady performance on their home field, and Cruzeiro are exhibiting commendable skills on the road.

fcLooking at their previous face-offs, an average of 2 goals per match has been scored, and both teams have scored (BTTS) in 67% of encounters. Thus far in this Serie A season, Fortaleza averages 1.87 points per home game, while Cruzeiro records a slightly lower 1.25 points per away game, which could make for a thrilling match.

fcKey Insights:

– Fortaleza EC holds a slightly advantageous track record against Cruzeiro EC, having won 2 out of 3 previous head-to-head matches.
– Cruzeiro EC, however, has not secured a victory in the 3 previous encounters with Fortaleza.
– The last meeting between the two teams resulted in a 2-1 win for Fortaleza.
– The teams have displayed a moderate scoring average, with previous matches averaging 2 goals per game.
– Both Teams to Score (BTTS) has been a common occurrence in their matches, happening 67% of the time.
– Fortaleza is currently in average home form, meaning they perform relatively well on their home ground.
– Cruzeiro, conversely, is excelling in away games, thus posing a significant threat to Fortaleza despite past losses.
– In terms of the average Points Per Game, Fortaleza leads with an average of 1.87 points in home games, compared to Cruzeiro’s 1.25 in away games.
– Given these statics, the upcoming match on 18th November 2023 in the Serie A could be highly competitive and unpredictable.

fcMatch Forecast:

– Both teams are strong at shooting from direct free kicks, therefore expect a goal threat from these situations.
– Cruzeiro may thrive in creating opportunities using through balls, however, Fortaleza’s counter-attacks could break their offensive plan.
– Fortaleza’s aerial superiority could see them win a significant number of headers, making them dangerous from corners and high crosses.
– Despite both teams struggling with finishing scoring chances, Cruzeiro’s weakness in aerial duels might give Fortaleza opportunities to score.
– Cruzeiro’s skill at stealing the ball may cause problems for Fortaleza’s gameplay in the opposition’s half.
– As both teams are weak in finishing scoring chances, strategy might play a crucial role as both would rely heavily on their defensive strengths and set-piece plays.
– If Cruzeiro decides to play the offside trap, they might exploit Fortaleza’s weakness in avoiding offside situations, leading to potential possession turnovers.
– Since Fortaleza attacks primarily down the right and Cruzeiro down the left, expect robust and aggressive winger battles on both flanks.
– Fortaleza may keep rotating their first eleven while Cruzeiro keeps a consistent first eleven, this can either give Fortaleza fresh legs advantage or Cruzeiro a better team coordination.
– Lastly, goals from set pieces would be a likely event given both team’s strengths in this area and their weakness in finishing scoring chances.

fcMatch Facts:

In their past 8 encounters, Fortaleza EC CE has emerged victorious 3 times, drawn twice, and Cruzeiro EC MG has also triumphed 3 times. It’s interesting to note that 34% of Fortaleza EC CE’s goals have been scored in the timeframe of 76-90 minutes, However, they only manage to knock 3% of their goals in the initial 15 minutes, which is the lowest in the league. On the other hand, Cruzeiro EC MG manages to score 31% of their goals between 76-90 minutes. Fortaleza EC CE has been unsuccessful in securing wins in their previous 6 matches. They failed to score in 5 out of their 15 home games in this season’s Brasileiro Serie A, whereas Cruzeiro EC MG hasn’t scored in 7 of the 16 away games this season. Juan Lucero is Fortaleza EC CE’s leading player with 8 goals, while Bruno Rodrigues from Cruzeiro EC MG scored 6 times. Fortaleza EC CE conceded goals in their last 7 games consistently. Fortaleza EC CE has a tendency to win the 1st half in 36% of their games, and Cruzeiro EC MG pulls off the same in 29% of their games. Fortaleza EC CE emerged as the winner in their previous encounter. When playing at home, Fortaleza EC CE usually wins the game by 92% whenever they lead by 1-0. Cruzeiro EC MG tends to win 72% of their games when they secure a 1-0 lead during an away game. Despite trailing behind at home by 0-1, Fortaleza EC CE manages to make a comeback in 11% of their matches. When traveling away and trailing by 1-0, Cruzeiro EC MG only manages to score a win 9% of the time. In the Brasileiro Serie A, Cruzeiro EC MG slightly outperforms Fortaleza EC CE. Looking at recent form, Cruzeiro EC MG’s last 5 game performance was superior to Fortaleza EC CE’s. In the previous 5 face-offs, Fortaleza EC CE won twice, Cruzeiro EC MG claimed victory once, and two games ended in a draw. On average, Fortaleza EC CE and Cruzeiro EC MG both score 0.8 goals in a match against each other. Generally, the number of goals in the first half of the matches between these two teams averages out to 1. When playing at home, Fortaleza EC CE typically scores around 2.23 goals and Cruzeiro EC MG away performances yield an average of 1.33 goals. Presently, Cruzeiro EC MG’s poor form is evident in their 3 consecutive defeats in the Brasileiro Serie A.


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