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Dubai to host Women’s Kabaddi League modelled after the Indian Premier League

According to a press statement issued on Friday, Dubai will host the IPL-style Women’s Kabaddi League next year. In January 2023, the Women’s Kabaddi League will be held in the Al Wasl Stadium in Jaddaf.

Some of the top female kabaddi performers will amaze viewers with their talents and power in APS Sports and Training Pvt. Ltd’s innovative attempt to promote women’s kabaddi.

Inspired by the men’s Pro-League Kabaddi’s spectacular success in India, APS Sports and Training Pvt. Ltd decided to develop a league for women.

kabaddi women“We are creating this league under the sponsorship of Dr Kirit Premjibhai Solanki, an honourable Lok Sabha member,” said Sunil Kumar, the league’s chairman and founder.

“Our vice president is Subhajit Rakshit. Devender Singh is the International Wings Director, and Geeta Chandola is our Director (CSR).

Kumar was the secretary of India’s Student Games Federation. Taking his skills to the next level, he wanted to organise a Women’s Kabaddi League through his firm, APS Sports & Training Pvt. Ltd.

“A lot of people are working diligently to organise this event, and one of our key aims with our new Women’s Kabbadi League is to encourage women empowerment,” Kumar added.

The eight teams competing for the main title in Dubai next year are Gujarat Lions, Great Maratha, Haryana Fighter, Rajasthan Tigers, Punjab Kings, Dubai Hawks, Tamil Legends, and Delhi Kingdom.

The first edition’s eight teams will become the Women Kabaddi League India’s largest women’s sports league in terms of geographical coverage and team count.

In the Indian subcontinent, Kabaddi is the most popular contact sport. The popularity of the sports skyrocketed since the introduction of men’s Pro-League Kabaddi in 2014.

The first season of the men’s Pro-Competition Kabaddi drew 435 million television viewers, giving the IPL a run for its money, with the franchise T20 league earning 552 million views in 2014.

Fans of this classic Indian subcontinent sport can now expect to see women’s kabaddi reach new heights with the establishment of the new league.

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