Overwatch World Cup 2023 open trials to commence

With the Overwatch World Cup 2023 approaching, the participating nations will begin Open Trials for their teams very soon, allowing eager Overwatch 2 players the opportunity to represent their country this autumn.

It’s been three years since the previous Overwatch World Cup in 2019, and it’s finally back. Between 2019 and now, a lot has occurred, with past champions and rivals retiring, a massive meta shift with the arrival of Overwatch 2, and fresh faces poised to seize the trophy.

overwatchThe tournament is regularly held at BlizzCon, a gaming conference hosted by Blizzard at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The World Cup in 2023 has not been confirmed to take place at Blizzcon, but we anticipate it to follow precedent.

The Overwatch World Cup returns this year with a brand-new format and mechanism for determining the best players. We’ve got a long series of tournaments planned to determine the best regional players, including large-scale qualifiers. Overwatch World Cup adds a new level of excitement to the game’s standard League system. This is going to be a massive event with a worldwide reach.

Blizzard has just released information regarding the forthcoming World Cup Open Trials. In these trials, prospective individuals will have to demonstrate their ability to play Overwatch 2 well enough to represent their nation. Anyone with an active Battle.net account in good standing will be permitted to participate in the trials. Each trial’s winner team will earn a $2,000 cash award. They will also be invited to the team tryouts in March. Doing well in the team tryouts in March will almost certainly result in the athlete being a member of the squad.

Those interested in participating in the trial can do so through the Overwatch World Cup Open Trials page. Each nation has its unique signup and trial timetable, so make sure to check the website. Registration is already open, with the first trial scheduled for February 10, 2023. They will take place on weekends in February, so make sure to reserve a spot if you wish to participate. The trials will be held in a double-elimination, seeded bracket style.

People may also contribute to the excitement of the esports World Cup event by advancing their favourite team in the Overwatch World Cup Season 3 Challenge leaderboards. A total of 36 teams will compete for a bespoke in-game cosmetic. This World Cup Season 3 Challenge will take place from February 7 to February 21. During this time, simply log in and play Overwatch 2 to support your favourite team.

Each area will have two unique teams, with players from various nations grouped into these teams for the regional qualifications before the best two from each group advance. These are all of the teams playing in the Overwatch World Cup, as well as the nations they will face in the qualifications.

AMER A – Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United states
AMER B – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
EMEC A – Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
EMEC B – Germany, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Turkey
APAC A – Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea
APAC B – Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand

Fans of any Blizzard game will be thrilled to learn that the Blizzard client will include a dedicated window that will display streamed live Overwatch World Cup games whenever they are scheduled to be played. Whether you’re on the move or just browsing the web at home, you can watch the Overwatch World Cup from anywhere on the planet if you know where to look.


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