Dota 2’s next Patch 7.34e to be released on Monday

As the Dota 2 community counts down to Monday, November 20th, excitement for the release of Patch 7.34e grows. This update, which was revealed on November 17th, promises major improvements to the existing game dynamics, which have been controlled by the Strength heroes / Blademail meta since The International 2023.

dota2The fix will be released about three weeks after The International 2023 concludes. Its Compendium concluded on November 16, which is why some fans expected an update the same or following day. It appears that the creators decided to explain things clearly so that they could have realistic expectations.

Bristleback’s Aghanim’s Sceptre Rush, Spirit Breaker’s very short cooldown mobility throughout the map, Dazzle core, and other irritating tactics exist in this meta.

Bristleback’s current approach, which combines a unique playstyle with his third talent and Aghanim’s Sceptre, has proven to be a strong game force, frequently resulting in disastrous results for opponents. Similarly, Spirit Breaker has stood out with a tactic that emphasises map presence and team battle engagement, resulting in a noteworthy victory rate of 51.02%.
The most recent patch, 7.34d, was issued on October 5, before to TI12. It nerfed many meta heroes and equipment, most notably Phantom Assassin and Ninja Gear, while giving small benefits to others.

Patch 7.34e is expected to contain modifications to these heroes and strategies, as well as adjustments to popular characters like as Witch Doctor, Chaos Knight, Wraith King, and Warlock. Support players are especially excited about improvements that might put a stop to the dominance of simple yet strong strategies, especially against heroes like Bristleback.

A hypothetical meta shift may potentially involve changes to Blademail and Heart of Tarrasque. According to, Blademail has a 50.31% victory rate, whereas Heart of Tarrasque has a whopping 65.93% win rate. This is a common practise among mid-laners who prioritise Blademail before moving on to Heart of Tarrasque. Through the reflected physics of Blademail, this tactic makes heroes practically impenetrable while doing enormous damage. Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, a Dota 2 professional, encouraged this strategy, recommending his audience on a recent stream to use the Blademail-Heart of Tarrasque combination for a guaranteed path to victory.

dota2Patch 7.34d’s varied geography also saw the debut of Dazzle as a formidable core hero, a discovery expertly delivered to the globe by Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen. Armed with Aghanim’s Sceptre, Dazzle evolved into a powerful damage dealer, unleashing devastating auto attacks on all afflicted enemy targets with his Shadow Wave talent.

Valve announced in the TI12 Celebration Update that “the next big patch, the next set of Arcanas, and everything else they are working on” will be released after TI12. It’s been over three weeks since Team Spirit hoisted the Aegis in Seattle, Washington, thereby ending the pro season. This November 20th Patch 7.34e release will most certainly include one, if not all, of the promised changes.

Data miners have leaked information pointing to a Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage Arcana. A Broodmother persona and a Hoodwink Immortal have also been revealed. According to DotaBuff statistics for The International 2023, the following heroes may suffer nerfs: Witch Doctor, Spectre, Chaos Knight, Wraith King, Necrophos, Kunkka, Treant Protector. It’s quite probable that a New Year’s event will be introduced alongside the 7.35 patch, which is slated to be published following the completion of ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023.

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